Wild Goose Lake Resort

Geraldton Area Fishing Lodge

Check Out the Many Opportunities at Wild Goose Lake Resort

Communing with nature is only one aspect of the adventure that awaits visitors at Wild Goose Lake Resort in Geraldton, ON. Located in Northern Ontario, Wild Goose Lake Resort offers over 500 feet of inviting beach front where the waves wash against the shore, providing a place where the family can picnic, play and relax.

Fishermen seek to catch the largest fish in Wild Goose Lake, though they can also follow the rivers to other area lakes. For those who wish to fish or simply enjoy the tranquility of being on the water, boats and canoes are available for rent.

The area surrounding Wild Goose Lake Resort is open to heart-pumping jogs, leisurely walks or hiking adventures into country that reveals the serenity of forest, the quiet of lapping lake water and even berries for picking. While Wild Goose Lake Resort offers archery moose hunts, accommodates rifle moose hunters and has annual fall black bear hunts, visitors can also “hunt” with their cameras. A camera walk in the woods or a boating excursion opens up opportunities to capture images of bear, moose, blue herons, osprey and other water fowl, the majestic eagle or timber wolves, along with other plant and animal life. Gold mining is an active business, and rock hounds still never know what they may find in the historic area.

Geraldton Fishing Lodge

Wild Goose Lake Resort offers a place for individuals and families in one of their 12 cottages or at the area open for RVs or tents. While the RV park closes mid-September, the cottages remain open until the end of October. The main lodge continues of offer a 3-bedroom unit for rent throughout the winter months.

The nearby town of Geraldton includes various stores as well a golf course. Wild Goose Lake Resort has a store on the property that offers pop, snacks and light tackle so you may never need to go into town. Visitors can purchase their hunting or fishing licenses at Wild Goose Lake Resort, which also offers fish cleaning facilities as well as a freezer and walk-in cooler to preserve what has been caught or shot. A laundromat ensures the availability of clean clothes.

Wireless access means visitors can stay in contact. A games room draws children, teens and adults into friendly competition.  A vacation at Wild Goose Lake Resort will be remembered for years to come!!