Thunderhook Fly-Ins and Smoothrock Camp

Fly-In Fishing Trips

Thunderhook Fly-Ins Outdoor enthusiasts or first-time wilderness seekers alike will find the adventure they’re in search of when choosing Thunderhook Fly-Ins. Located in the heart of Ontario’s Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park, Thunderhook Fly-Ins guarantees every get-away will be fascinating, affordable, and exhilarating.

Waters rich with Walleye, Northern Pike, and lake trout, make this premier fishing destination a must for every angler. Eight remote cabin destinations are available in the secluded and quiet Canadian wilderness for explorers who desire the solitude and peace from a fly-in outpost.

Resort accommodations at the fly-in Smoothrock Camp nestled along Smoothrock Lake, offer a less isolated experience and several amenities. Availability and variances of lodging choices make it easy for families, friends, individuals, and large groups to customize their vacation to the exact environment they are seeking.

Thunderhook Fly-Ins and Smoothrock Camp

Aside from fishing attractions, Thunderhook Fly-Ins has access to 3-million acres of prime moose hunting grounds located in the depths of Wabakimi Wilderness. After being delivered by float plane to an outpost, hunters may choose to venture alone or with the leadership of one of Thunderhook’s accomplished guides. Fully equipped camps include a boat, fuel, and all the necessary basics to sustain a hunting camp. Harvesting a moose is nearly hassle free as the moose will be flown back to the float plane base and stored in a cooler for the remainder of the trip.

Perhaps there is no better way to experience nature then in the midst of a canoe. Clear and pristine water ways in Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park or four river systems are mapped out and routed by Thunderhook’s experts so vacationers can get the most out of the tranquil excursion. Wild Woodland Carilbou and moose are just a couple of the rare and magnificent wildlife that can be seen from the open waters.

Owned and operated by the Dill Family, Thunderhook Fly-Ins prides itself on its repeat visitors and word-of-mouth marketing success. Regardless of the adventure people are seeking, Thunderhook Fly-Ins offers a genuine opportunity due to the attention to detail and planning they invest in each client. Providing permits, licenses, tags, detailed maps, trip planning, packing advice and ample amounts of all the usual accommodations, Thunderhook Fly-Ins allows travelers to truly enjoy and experience their wilderness vacation.