Spruce Shilling Camp

Shining Tree Cottages


Hello there! Welcome to Spruce Shilling Camp. We’re so glad you dropped by. Sit back and relax and we’ll tell you a little about our camp.

All of our cottages are fully modern, 2 or 3 bedroom with 3 or 4 piece bath, housekeeping cottages. They are equipped with hot/cold water, refrigerator, stove/oven, cooking/eating utensils, toaster, coffee maker, microwave and bedding. The only things you need to bring are your own personal toiletry items (towels, washcloth, soap, etc.) and your food.

Sitting on your porch provides a peaceful and relaxing view of the lake as well as seeing and hearing our resident family of loons swim, dive and call to their mates. All in all it’s a wonderful way to relax and enjoy.

At our store we sell gasoline, oil, etc., groceries, snacks, drinks, ice, fishing tackle and licenses. We are also an LCBO Agency Store for liquor and beer.

If it’s fishing you want, the Shining Tree area provides more lakes than you can count. Many are easily accessible with boat launches. Other lakes are for the more adventurous. Drive in a little farther, down a more remote road and there, in the middle of nowhere is a small secluded lake…just for you. And it’s usually worth it.

You can fish for a broad variety of species. Northern Pike, Walleye, Small mouth Bass and Perch inhabit many of our lakes. Other lakes boast the trout family…Speckled, Rainbow, Lakers and Splake. A small number of lakes even have Aurora trout. Choose your favorite.

Hunting!! You bet we have hunting. Rabbits, grouse, ducks and geese are more than plentiful. And our big game, black bears and moose, roam the bush in abundance.

Our moose hunters have done very well harvesting bulls, cows and calves.

Our bear hunters hunt from tree stands suited for your choice of weapons, bow or rifle. The sites are baited prior to the season opening to ensure an active bait on your arrival. We have a very good success rate with our hunts.

If 4-Wheeling is your preference there are hundreds of kilometers of trails and old bush roads that are sure to give you those thrills you are looking for. We have several groups come every year and they have a great time.

For all of you winter enthusiasts, we are located on the “Top C” trail, midway between Sudbury and Timmins. We’ve had hundreds of sleds stop in every winter. Some stay the night while others just need to gas up and get a snack. We’d love to have you stop in too.

We’ve made many friends with our customers and guests. And you can never have too many friends. We’d love to have you stay with us. Hope to see you soon!!