Rainbow Point Lodge

Perrault Lake Hunting & Fishing Lodge


What can YOU GET out of making a trip to Rainbow Point Lodge?

YOU GET to experience 1st hand, some of the most fabulous natural outdoor regions in NW Ontario. Fish for tasty fresh water species including walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch & whitefish. Challenge yourself by angling for the elusive giant musky. The waters on Perrault Lake where we are located are clear & unspoiled by pollutants. Instead of the noise of jet skis and the view of row upon row of cottages, you’ll notice the sound of the loons and the view of the fantastic unspoiled shoreline.

YOU GET a comfortable stay in the woods! Rainbow Point Lodge is located on a long expanse of shoreline on Perrault Lake, and offers comfortable accommodation in lakefront cottages that are fully equipped for housekeeping. This is your home away from home. The cottages vary in size to accommodate 2 up to 12 people, and group rates are available.

YOU WILL KNOW that you are a valued customer from the moment you arrive. Experience some true Ontario hospitality, and great customer service. Check out what our guests have been saying on our website testimonials page. Our marine fleet is top notch, and our grounds are always a sense of pride. We were happy to introduce new 4-stroke electric start motors to our entire marine fleet last year.

YOU GET great value at a reasonable price! Weekly & Daily Fishing Packages geared for the outdoorsman, or the Family. Our location is ideal to suit either group’s needs. The fishermen or the hunters have the best fishing & outdoor experience possible. For the young people, there is plenty to do too. We raised our own kids here, so have established a great environment for young people to enjoy their stay as well

YOU GET TOP Notch hunting outfitter experience. For 28 years now, we have hosted not only fisherman, but hunters as well. Black Bear Hunting is a huge part of our business. We take care in preparation of bait/hunting sites well in advance of the hunters arrival , to make sure our hunters have the best possible chance of success. In moose hunting season we offer completely guided & outfitted archery hunt packages for 1 week in September. We also offer late season cottage rentals for Residents of Ontario that are able to apply for their own tags in our region.

So, you see YOU GET a great overall vacation experience at Rainbow Point Lodge. Give us an e-mail or phone call for your quote on a northern outdoor vacation today!