Now is the perfect opportunity to reserve an all-inclusive fishing expedition in Northern Ontario.

sunset country american plan

These all-inclusive vacations present a fresh approach to savoring Northern Ontario’s top-quality cuisine, featuring a variety of options from local cuisine to freshly caught walleye.

Right about now, doesn’t an all-inclusive vacation that includes scenic landscapes, serene beaches, enjoyable activities, and delicious cuisine sound ideal? Fortunately, those looking for a memorable getaway will find many wonderful options in Sunset Country in northwest Ontario. The key is to consider fishing. Here are some reasons to think about planning an all-inclusive fishing lodge holiday in Sunset Country this year, regardless of whether you are an experienced angler searching for a dream trip, a novice who is game for something different, or you fall somewhere in between.

All-inclusive means, well, all-inclusive and full-service (this is also known as the “American plan”). For a change, delegate meal planning, preparation, cooking, and cleanup to someone else. Different lodges provide different options, but most provide a hot breakfast and dinner, as well as a packed picnic lunch or shore lunch to allow you to enjoy your freshly caught fish. Similarly, your boat is fully fueled and outfitted, bait and tackle can be provided, and you can hire a knowledgeable guide to take you to the right fishing spot at the right time and share tips on how to land your catch.

Northwestern Ontario has unrivalled, untouched landscapes. 
There are towering white pines, tiny wildflowers, sandy beaches, smooth billion-year-old rock, pristine lakes and rivers, wildlife sightings, gloriously colourful sunsets (and sunrises), loon calls, dazzling blue skies, the occasional exciting thunderstorm, starry nights, and Northern lights to look forward to. 
The reputation of the northwest as a prime fishing destination is well-deserved. Sunset Country boasts an astonishing 70,000 fishable lakes, providing anglers with a vast selection of wide-open large lakes, secluded small-lake treasures, flowing rivers, deep waters, reefs, swift rapids, waterfalls, and protected bays to explore. Fishing enthusiasts can experiment with a diverse range of fishing techniques, and an abundance of game fish species are available, including popular choices such as walleye, lake trout, and northern pike, along with whitefish, perch, sauger, black crappie, musky, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass.
Nothing beats the sizzle of freshly caught fish on a hot pan when it comes to Northern Ontario’s culinary scene. All-inclusive fishing lodges are well-known for their delectable fish dishes and other delectable delicacies. Guests can expect hearty breakfasts, delectable picnic lunches, and delectable desserts and snacks, such as wild northern blueberries and homemade pastries.
A shore lunch of freshly caught walleye is a treasured tradition among anglers in Northern Ontario. After a successful morning of fishing, it’s customary to return to shore and prepare the catch of the day for lunch. The meal is a testament to the region’s abundant waters and the fishermen’s skill.

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