Northeastern Ontario is the place to be for the best freshwater fishing.

Northeastern Ontario is the place to be for the best freshwater fishing.

Are you trying to find the ideal strategy to achieve your next personal best? Then you should go to Northeastern Ontario! No matter if you prefer fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or boating, you’ll never run out of locations to cast your line in our crystal clear lakes and rivers.

After your day of fishing is through, reward yourself by staying at one of our premier lodges or campers, which are listed below. In addition to offering boats for rent and distant fly-in experiences, the knowledgeable guides will assist you in finding the ideal location. And, don’t forget to check out the many easily accessible public launches and lodges.

So why are you still waiting? It’s time to make travel arrangements so that you may enjoy the top fishing Northeastern Ontario has to offer!

The rugged Lake Huron shorelines mark the beginning of our borders. Go north into the tens of thousands of rivers and lakes of Northeastern Ontario, or follow the coast to the tributaries of the Great Lakes.

Thus, lakes might be oligotrophic or mesotrophic. Fishing for warm water species like bass, walleye, muskie, and pike from natural structures in the mesotrophic lakes is a lot of fun. Also, the deep, crystal-clear waters of our oligotrophic lakes are ideal for trout of all varieties. Even Aurora Trout is available!

Certain lakes offer the best of both worlds, and while you’re here, you’ll have the chance to catch lake and brook trout that are both naturally occurring and stocked.


Imagine yourself leaving for the first light bite on a serene, tranquil lake while it is shrouded in fog. Almost anywhere in the area can handle this, but if you want that lake to be exclusively yours, you can think about a fly-in or remote drive-in alternative. There are lodges that offer fully supervised ice-fishing outings all year long.

Fly fishermen will value the protected lakes and rivers in this area where they may flee the wind and waves among gorgeous islands. The majority of species in Northeast Ontario may be caught using a fly rod, and streamers of all sizes work well on bass, walleye, pike, and muskie. Your lodge host will inform you of the appropriate colours and patterns. When the season first begins in the early spring turnover, lake trout can be targeted in shallow waters. This is also a terrific opportunity to have the lodge and the lake to yourself in the early shoulder season.

In Northeast Ontario, there is equipment for fisherman in every season. As you depart from the lodge, coffee in hand, camera ready for animal encounters and personal best catches, you will cover endless miles of water each day.

Ice huts are available from lodges and outfitters, ranging from basic ice huts to ice bungalows with satellite TV. Our ice-fishing culture is among the best in the country, and every winter, entire towns appear on the ice.

Our thing is ice fishing.


Ice fishing is a typical Canadian past time, whether it’s the excitement of pulling a healthy winter fish up through the ice or the happiness you experience after spending the day outside. As the lake freezes over, Northeastern Ontario is renowned for its ice fishing culture.

The experiences listed here range from traditional ice huts to opulent ice bungalows, depending on your tastes. Ice fishing is all about the memories you build on the ice—and about the deadly fish you’ll find in our Northern lakes—whether you’re on a friends’ weekend, a couple’s retreat, or a family vacation.

Regulations and Resources

A good angler should check the local laws and restrictions before venturing anywhere new. To ensure you have the greatest vacation possible, it’s critical to respect the seasons of species.

Also, you must confirm that you have the appropriate fishing licence for the activity you’re engaging in.

Here, the distinctions between a conservation licence and a sport licence are made obvious.

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Photo by Jaime Dantas on Unsplash

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