Memquisit Lodge

Lake Nipissing Fishing Lodge and Cottages

Memquisit Lodge has an incredible 17 different cabins to choose from, ranging from one bedroom to five bedrooms. Twelve of these cabins are self-catered, wherein the guests have the privacy and freedom to prepare their own meals and basically provide for themselves. Each of the housekeeping cabins has the following amenities included: electric stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, toaster, silverware, dishware, pots & pans, television, DVD player, 3 or 4-piece bathrooms, bed linens, and a propane barbecue for grilling fresh-caught fish. Finally, all but Cabin 18 include a small chest freezer. Guests supply their own towels.

The remaining five cottages are newer Cedar Panabode cabins that are on the American Plan. There is one two-bedroom available; the others are four-bedroom cottages. Amenities included in these meal plan cabins include: microwave, coffee pot, coffee, toaster, refrigerator, a full 4-piece bathroom, television, DVD player, with free DVD rental available from the main lodge, bath towels and face cloths, and comfy bed linens. Depending on the meal plan package chosen, these cabins cater up to 3 wholesome homemade meals per day, served in the historic main lodge. These cottages may be booked on a nightly basis throughout our mid-May to mid-October season.

Lake Nipissing offers many large bays spread out over the expanse of the lake. West Bay is one of the largest bays, found on the far west end of the lake. The bay itself consists of numerous smaller bays and hundreds of islands with large areas of open water and plenty of rock shoals. It also spawns several creeks. There is no shortage of private nooks and crannies to explore and fish in. The average depth of the bay is approximately 12 feet, with the deeper depths found in the channels located on the south shore side. These channels are the primary navigational route for most boaters.