Lac Seul’s Evergreen Lodge

Lac Seul is one of the best fishing destinations in Ontario!

Evergreen Lodge, which is located on the lake, is definitely the best place to stay in the area. Our lodge is top-of-the-line in every way. We have very nice and modern cabins that have many amenities. These cabins are a variety of sizes and are available to be rented at affordable prices. In addition to our outstanding facilities, we offer guests an exceptional level of customer service. The staff here at Evergreen Lodge goes out of our way to make sure that everyone has a wonderful experience while on their fishing trip. We provide guests with the necessary supplies to have a successful fishing trip. These supplies include landing nets, paddles, anchors, motors, and much more. We also have boats available to be rented.

Lac Seul is a very large lake. There are many inlets and coves that are known to be great places to catch fish. Two of the most popular kinds of fish caught in the lake are the Walleye and the Angler. Because these fish are so highly desirable to fisherman, people flock to Evergreen Lodge when it comes time to take a fishing trip. In addition to being an excellent fishing destination, Lac Seul is also home to a wide variety of wildlife. It’s a great place to go if one wants to view animals and enjoy the amazing beauty of the outdoors. Evergreen Lodge really does have a lot to offer its guests. The best part about it is the reasonable prices. We offer the best prices in the area, while working hard to ensure that our guests have a wonderful stay. Whether one wants to go fishing or relax indoors, we have a little something fun for everyone here at Evergreen Lodge,