Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Kesagami Wilderness Lodge has long been an absolute favourite destination for TV Shows, magazine writers, casual and dedicated sportfishing enthusiasts alike. The allure of a fly-in destination with virgin quality fishing is like a dream come true. Combine that with excellent, award-winning food and customer service second to none and you have the makings for the ultimate fishing vacation.

Kesagami Lodge stands out from the crowd of many other lodges because it maintains and even has an improving fishery. Many operations hang their marketing and fame on the days gone by of the great fishing whereas the dedicated and conscientious catch and release and selective harvest policies employed at Kesagami Lodge are creating an even better fishery.

Outdoor Canada ranked Kesagami Lake as the number one pike destination in Canada. Outdoor Canada also ranked Kesagami Lake as the number 8 hotspot in Canada across all species. The biggest recorded and verified pike is 54″ and that has been done twice. Guides and guests have seen bigger!

Often overlooked, however, is the spectacular walleye fishing. The two largest verified walleyes to be caught were 33″ and 33.125″ respectively. There are some walleye aficionados that come almost strictly for the unbelievable and attainable huge daily catches of walleye (the average is 2-4 pounds). One regular guest in 2011 caught (with his guide) over 1200 fish in a 10 day period. The statistics can be mind boggling! Another set of two guests (unguided) caught over 400 fish in one day!!! These are not just fish stories. Yes, they are legendary tales but they are also reality.

The consistency of fishing is what draws the TV Shows and outdoor writers. It’s hard to get a story or an exciting show if you can’t catch fish. Spend a few days on the lake and you WILL catch lots of fish. Kesagami Lodge has hosted numerous TV shows from Babe Winkelman, Bob Izumi, Canadian Sportfishing, Fish ‘n Canada, The New FlyFisher among many others. Magazine coverage has been extensive. Legendary magazines like Field & Stream (two articles published), Sports Afield and others have recognized the spectacular fishing. Canadian Sportfishing, Outdoor Canada, Ontario Out of Doors, IN-Fisherman, Ontario Fisherman, Real Outdoors among many others have had their pages graced with articles on the fishing at Kesagami.

Kesagami Lodge is located in a secluded but accessible part of NE Ontario in the James Bay Lowlands north of the frontier town of Cochrane. There is easy highway access to Cochrane and commercial flights are regularly scheduled into Timmins (just over an hour away from the float plane air base in Cochrane). There is convenient shuttle service from Timmins to Cochrane.

It is worth the effort and the extra money to get to a remote area such as Kesagami Lodge, fly in to a completely desolate location and be able to have all the comforts of home with such spectacular fishing. Even if you do it only once in your life, you will be glad you did.