Grey Owl Camps

Biscotasing Fishing Cottages

Grey Owl Camps, on the pleasant shores of Biscotasi Lake within northern Ontario, offers you a warm welcome to this peaceful area. Here at Grey Owl Camps, we try to do things a bit different than other places you’ve visited. Our seven delightful cabins are accessible via boat, giving you access to the ultimate isolated paradise.

At Grey Owl Camps, you’ll find plenty of solitude in the famous bush country of northern Ontario. In the cabins, you’ll find comfortable amenities, including full kitchens with propane appliances. The warm showers and saunas will help you relax after your adventurous forays into hiking, fishing and birding.


Biscotasi Lake offers some truly excellent fishing opportunities. From walleye to northern pike, you’ll find a number of delicious fish to catch. At Grey Owl Camps, we encourage you limit your catch to only what you can eat. By not taking your leftovers back home, you’ll help us ensure that we keep our lake full of fish for future visitors to catch.

Bird enthusiasts can find a number of species to observe as they walk along our hiking trails. We can even provide you with a list of birds you might see on your walk. You might even spot an otter, bear or moose on your journey. These trails are also populated with dazzling arrays of wildflowers. At night, take advantage of the clear sky to see thousands of sparkling stars.

You can also head to the nearest town, Biscotasing, to learn more about the area’s history. In the summer, you can even attend a service at the old Anglican church.