Charlton Lake Camp

We are a housekeeping cottage resort
for families, fishermen, artists, and adventurers

No two lakes are the same. Our lake surely is one of a kind. A scenery like the one we offer, that is very unique. Walk between ancient woods between the mountaintops and marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature. And we’ve got some awesome fish here as well.

Located at the gorgeous La Cloche Mountains, Charlton Lake Camp offers a breathtaking environment, the ideal backdrop for a time away in nature. This spot is ideal for fishing, and our facilities are highly suited for fishing enthusiasts all over.

Our camp features 12 comfortable and well-equipped cottages that offer a welcome stay for all travelers, and up to three bedrooms, featuring electric heating, and a nice and clean kitchen. Some of our cottages are extremely pet-friendly, so your loyal four-legged companion is more than welcome too.

We are more than well-equipped for your fishing needs. We supply excellent, reliable and powerful boats to rent out, pontoon boats and tripping canoes, which set out from our sturdy docks. And for all your fishing needs, you can buy all you need at our Tradin’ Post.

The more than 1700 acres of connected waters are home to Northern Pike, Large & Small-Mouth Bass, Walleye and a variety of Pan Fish. There’s more than enough to discover and explore in our surrounding domain. We feature everything you need for a memorable vacation.

So take a trip out into the wild, reconnect with nature and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery at Charlton Lake Camp.