Bow Narrows Camp

A boat-in Canadian fishing camp on fabled Red Lake in Northern Ontario

There is still a place in this world where there are no roads, the fishing superb, the accommodations and service excellent, and the entire experience totally affordable.

That place is Bow Narrows Camp on famous Red Lake in Northwestern Ontario, the angler’s destination for over 50 years.

Leave your vehicle at our parking lot in the little town of Red Lake and take our large, speedy cabin cruiser boat out to the camp at the far end of the lake. Here lunker northern pike, bountiful walleye, tackle-busting lake trout and tasty whitefish literally await at the end of the dock.

American Plan and Housekeeping Plan packages include everything. We even clean your fish!

Your personal lakeside cabin is surrounded by wilderness. The nearest highway is 20 miles away. It’s just like a fly-in experience but without the expense and limitations that come from air travel. If there is an emergency we can get you back into town any time, 24 hours a day.

Bow Narrows Camp has been operated by our family since 1961. Our friendly, top-notch service is as important as our excellent fishing, boats, motors, and cabins in why guests return again and again. We’re not the biggest camp in Northern Ontario, but we are one of the very best and surprisingly, one of the most affordable.