Boois Fly-in Lodge and Outpost

Trout Lake has among the best freshwater sports fishing in the world. 20+ pound Northern Pike are caught and released on a regular basis.

Booi’s Fly-In Lodge & Outpost offers anglers terrific locations to catch trophy fish. Booi’s Fly-in Lodge is located off Trout Lake in northern Ontario and is accessible only by air. The lake is known for its Trout, Northern Pike, and Walleye. Boats are provided with experienced fishing guides to assist each angler to bring in the big fish.

Cottages at the lodge are comfortable with quality beds and bathrooms. Kitchens have appliances and are fully stocked with pots, pans, silverware, plates, and so forth. Free lunches are provided on Sundays through Thursdays and there is a free steak dinner on Monday nights. Booi’s Fly-In Outpost offers anglers an exclusive location to fish on Joyce Lake. With just one cottage available on site, one can truly get away and focus on trophy fishing. Joyce Lake is five miles long and three miles wide and depths range between six and twenty-five feet. It has a number of islands, bays, beaches, and weed beds that are perfect homes for trophy fish. Fish that make their home in the lake include Walleyes, Trout, and especially Northern Pike.

The team at Booi’s provides anglers with maps, tips, and a radio for communication. Sixteen feet boats, plenty of gas, swivel seats, and quality motors are provided for. Although Booi’s has a catch and release policy for its humongous Pike, anglers are able to take some Walleyes home. Its cottage has nice beds, a well-functioning kitchen, and a wood-burning stove.