Anglers Kingdom

Red Lake Fishing Lodge

Anglers Kingdom is a unique wilderness fishing lodge far beyond the highways on a remote island of Nungesser Lake. Guests enjoy world class Trophy Walleye and Pike fishing just minutes from their private cottage on our secluded sand beach. Rare endangered Woodland Caribou share the island. These gentle creatures calf on the island and are often seen around camp. There are seven Bald Eagle nests within a one mile radius. Anglers Kingdom is truly located in a wilderness paradise.

However the number one reason our guests return year after year is the fantastic fishing. Nungesser is 28 miles long with much more structure than most lakes. Hundreds of Islands, sand shoals, rock reefs, huge flats of sand or mud at various depths. There are many narrows and current areas as well as deep mid lake basins and shallow sections with nearby deep water. The lake is nicely broken up so that angler’s can always find protected and productive areas to fish. Our large 18 foot Lund outfitter boats with 50 hp Honda motors provide an extra measure of comfort, safety and reliability Whether you prefer vertical Jigging, casting, Bottom bouncing, Lindy rigs, slip bobber fishing or trolling cranks you will find walleye in abundance and size.

Anglers Kingdom

Our guest’s experience of Nungesser lakes incredible fishery is enhanced by the sharing of my fishing knowledge gained over a lifetime in the outdoors. I sincerely enjoy helping guests and friends discover the outstanding fishing this lake has to offer. After 40 years of guiding I still get a thrill watching people young and old land the fish of their life. And it happens with startling regularity. Each year since building our small family owned camp in 2005 guest’s have caught Pike over 50 inches and Walleye over 30 inches. And we’re just getting to know the lake. In 2011 we caught more big walleye than ever. The more I fish Nungesser the more I like it. The lake is big enough that you can explore for years and years and never get enough.

We have marine radios to maintain contact with camp if needed. Yet you enjoy the adventurous feeling of exploring over 24,000 acres of wilderness waters.

I’ve been fishing the Nungesser for many summers and haven’t fished even a quarter of it. Yes I’ve traveled all over the lake and fished hundreds of spots, but there are 2- 3 mile long arms that I’ve only seen a few times and fished only a couple hundred yard sections. I’m constantly discovering new mid lake humps and current areas with neck downs or structures loaded with fish. And the food supply. Nungesser is a dark water lake with an over abundance of ciscoes and other high nutrient food sources. The Walleye and Pike are unusually thick, fat and healthy. Check out over a thousand photos on our web site and current fishing reports blog and you will see what I mean.

While we are a fishing camp first we still take care of the amenities that make a fishing trip a memorable vacation. Full baths and kitchens with comfortable plush mattresses and no bunk-beds. We also have a main dining room where our cook prepares delicious meals on your schedule. You choose the times you would prefer to eat.

Some of you are old enough to remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. That TV show was my inspiration for the name Angler’s Kingdom to describe this awesome lake and the beautiful location of our cozy little camp. Please come on up for a visit and see this Angler’s Kingdom for yourself.