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Lake of the Woods Walleye Fishing

If you are in dire need of a break from your consuming full-time job and responsibilities, visit our popular lodge for a lakeside vacation with fishing opportunities, a plethora of beautiful wildlife, and romantic sunsets. Our cabins are perfectly placed for guests to have an inspirational view of the lake, with our visitors enjoying a plentiful amount of fun vacation activities for the whole family.

Whether you are a fish enthusiast, a wildlife buff or simply a person who needs a romantic getaway, our resort will satisfy you beyond your original expectations. We offer the most superior Walleye fishing in Ontario; our lake’s Walleye are plump, plentiful and ready for the taking, ranging in sizes from small to trophy size. Our Walleye population is consistently bountiful all year, attracting visitors across the country during ice fishing season.

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If you are not interested in catching any Walleye, we have high populations of other species of fish as well. Our Smallmouth Bass are commonplace in the lake, with a weight range of two to four pounds. However, if you experience fishing here, you may be able to catch a rare Smallmouth Bass that weighs five or six pounds.

Trophy Deer Hunting

Our most popular fish species are the Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike; they make excellent trophies to bring home to family and friends, and fishing itself is a wonderfully productive pastime. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will be glad to know that the area is filled to the brim with multiple wildlife species such as the Whitetail Deer, Timber Wolf and Black Bear; whether you are an avid hunter or a wildlife lover, you will be able to see these animals up close and personal. The area surrounding our resort is one of the last places left that offers fair-chase hunts for Whitetail Deer trophies, and it is a popular area for both expert and amateur hunters. Whether you are a fisher or a hunter, you will feel relaxed and comfortable at our lakeside cabins.

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Lake of the Woods Sunset Country

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